Driven by passion for all things from the ocean, Poseidon Aquariums offers the best in aquarium and pond care in South Florida. We service clients in Miami, Broward and Palm Beach counties, and select the most beautiful livestock available around the world from snails to exotic fish and rare corals.

We also build and install aquariums and Poseidon Aquariums is fully insured.

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“We are proud of the work we do,” shares Joshua Gray, owner of Poseidon Aquariums. “Our clients’ satisfaction with how their fish tank or pond looks means everything to us. Each one of our tanks is part of our family.”

With the right care, your aquarium can look just like the picture above, one of our own tanks.

poseidon aquariums



Over 15 years of experience in aquariums and ponds in South Florida.

And here are some of Poseidon’s custom aquariums and ponds:


We offer the following aquarium and pond services:

Aquarium Maintenance Service

Whether saltwater or fresh water, Poseidon Aquariums creates a tailored structure for maximum efficiency and results. Weekly, bi-monthly or monthly visits include water change, water analysis, filter service, glass and furniture cleaning.

Pond Maintenance Service

South Florida is home to beautiful weather, optimal for natural or man-made ponds. Poseidon Aquariums services each and any type of pond. The service includes water change and pond cleaning.

Custom Builds

Poseidon Aquariums designs and builds aquariums and ponds of all sizes to fit the client’s needs and dreams.

Livestock & Products

Poseidon Aquariums hand- selects the most beautiful exotic fish and corals from around the world. Clients can make special requests or describe the type of aquatic environment they would like and our team builds the perfect mix of livestock.

Emergency Visits – 24 hours/7 days

When clients need an expert to assist with any unforeseen emergency, Poseidon Aquariums is just a phone call away and will work diligently to solve the issue.

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