Custom Aquariums

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Poseidon Aquariums specializes in custom aquariums offering an unmatched quality in design and production of the glass (or acrylic), cabinetry and system-supporting equipment. We deliver in 8 to 10 weeks*!


Your dream custom aquarium is as easy as envisioning it. Choose your size, shape and style then Poseidon Aquariums assists you at every step. Our experts have an eye to fit your vision, space and budget.

Match it to your existing furniture and cabinetry or make it stand out. Traditional or modern. An accent or the center piece of your room. Mono or two-tone, lacquer or wood, natural or glossy, the possibilities are endless in crafting a unique custom aquarium for you.

custom aquariums

Preliminary estimates for our BEST SELLERS**:

Rimless 50 gallons: (L24xH24xD20″) – Starting at $1,900

Rimless 125 gallons (L60xH24xD20″) – Starting at $3,200

One sided 150 gallons (L48xH24xD30″) – Starting at $4,000

Double sided 225 gallons (L72xH24xD30″) – Starting at $6,500

Delivers usually within 8 to 10 weeks* from the time of the order and installation takes up 2 days*.

Our team of expert designers, technicians and installers provide unparalleled results.

*First come first served – this is an estimate and it is not guaranteed.

**Not included: pump, protein skimmer and lights