New Year, More Wealth: Aquariums and Ponds Might Be the Key

Happy New Year! Happy New Decade!! Wow, that’s exciting! 

Our team wanted to give the gift of possibilities to our friends and family so 2020 can be the kind of healthy, prosperous and happy you want to make of it.

We curated thoughtful and simple ways to enhance your way through this new year with peaceful spaces and harmonious vibes. And we took inspiration from the Chinese Feng Shui philosophy since January 25th is the Chinese New Year. New Year, more wealth: aquariums and ponds might be the key!

The 6,000 year-old method literally means “wind” (Feng) and “water” (Shui) and it optimizes living spaces to bring about happiness, abundance and harmony. We could all use a little bit of those. And nothing inspires Poseidon Aquariums’ team more than water-related designs and concepts. According to Feng Shui, aquariums and ponds promote obtaining prosperity and wealth and apparently can help us solve problems too.

Experts on the subject recommend adding koi fish to your pond, a symbol of luck. The more the better. Koi Pond Guide explains that koi fish brings good fortune, nurtures perseverance in adversity and strength of purpose. The meaning comes from a Japanese legend in which a koi climbs a waterfall only to find its death, bravely, on a cutting board, like a samurai – OUCH! We personally don’t like to eat our koi. We rather marvel at its beauty in a pond. The article has quite a few other interesting facts including that Koi sounds like the word “love” in Japanese – awwww!

Sally Painter, a Feng Shui practitioner and writer for Lovetoknow, wrote about location, depth, design, size, shape and so much more in her article “Designing a Feng Shui Koi Fish Pond.” Really great info! Highlights include making sure your pond is deep so your pockets will be too, clean and flowing.

In “How to Attract Wealth and Abundance with a Feng Shui Aquarium,” Rodika Tchi describes how an aquarium holds all five Feng Shui elements, hence its strength in bringing energy of abundance. She says the fish should be bright and have room to grow, like your physical and spiritual wealth. She explains the southeast corner of your space is the Feng Shui wealth and abundance bagua area. North and East are also suitable but with more focus on career and health, respectively. For aquariums, it is best to have them in the living room or in the office so it attracts good luck in business and in the financial category.

The Feng Shui Pundit enumerates some powerful benefits of having an aquarium in your space with a level of mindfulness and symbolism we really enjoyed reading about. Here is one that we didn’t know: aquariums absorb a lot of negative energy and when fish die they are said to take something terrible with them. Their death purifies your space and allowing for positive energy to fill the void. I mean, we really don’t like when our fish die but if they must, better they take bad mojo with them on the way out.

For non-believers out there: we hear you too. The idea is to beautify your living space, to make it harmonious and happy to be in. We truly believe aquariums and ponds do that, no matter the shape, size or placement. Could it be the meditational components of water and water-beings? Why not. Either way we’re all for it.

But one thing we heartily agree 110% with: keeping your pond and aquarium clean and your fish and plants healthy. Feng Shui says a dirty, stagnant, dying water feature is as bad as it gets for your space, for your bank account and for you!

Happy 2020, happy Chinese New Year and we wish you much health, happiness, prosperity, peace and harmony!

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