Cleaner Shrimp – Lysmata Amboinensis


The Pacific Cleaner Shrimp is omnivorous and will generally scavenge and eat parasites and dead tissue by cleaning larger fishes and so on. It waits for its clientele at so called cleaning stations where it is often accompanied by other fish and shrimp species offering similar services. Some species will even clean the inner surface of the mouth and gill cavity without being eaten. The Pacific Cleaner Shrimp is very social, with conspecifics as well as with any other larger living being which may be a potential client. It; is perfect for your aquarium!

Lysmata amboinensis is easily recognized by its yellow-orange color contrasting with red and white stripes along the top of the head and body. The antennae are white and very long. The native habitats of this species are caves and ledges of coral reefs of the Indo-Pacific and the Red Sea, in depths from about 5-40 m.

The Pacific Cleaner Shrimp will moult every 3-8 weeks. Individuals start as males, but with age androgene glands stop producing male inducing hormones and the specimens become females after some moults.


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